Professional equality at ScaleSquad


The gender pay gap indicator is a tool used to measure gender pay equality in companies and organizations.

The objective of this indicator is:

  • enable organizations to measure the differences in pay between women and men
  • Identify areas where they can make progress in terms of professional equality
  • To determine the action levers to be implemented.

Each year, companies with more than 50 employees must publish an indicator relating to the pay gap between women and men, as well as the actions taken to eliminate it. This index must be published before March1 of each year.

In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir law, which aims to reduce the salary disparities between women and men, Scalesquad is committed to publishing its results.

Over the reference period of January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, Scalesquad achieves the following results:

The results of the index show that there is still work to be done in the area of professional equality.

ScaleSquad has signed a gender equality agreement with its social partners in order to close the gender gap and demonstrate its commitment.

It brings together concrete short-, medium- and long-term actions that will be undertaken with a collective energy that is proof of everyone's commitment. This 2022-2025 action plan focuses on the following four areas:

- Communicating, raising awareness and training in gender equality,
- Guaranteeing gender equality in the workplace,
- Combating sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination in the workplace,
- Promoting gender equality in IT professions

In addition, Scalesquad will continue to work on professional equality, apart from the specific measures taken to correct the pay gap between women and men.