Consulting & Auditing

Our definition of CONSULTING & AUDIT

Increasingly, the smooth running of your business depends on your information system and its applications. Poorly designed and protected, they can expose your business to security incidents and compromise your organization. And it can take several years before they are detected. That's why you need expert advice to understand the risks, design resilient systems and protect your business before a major incident occurs.


Our consulting and auditing offer meets the challenges of securing organizations' information systems.

Our consultants support our customers on the following projects:

  • Risk analysis
  • Security audit
  • Intrusion test
  • Assistance with certification (Diagcyber, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • Regulations (LPM, NIS, RGPD, etc.)


ISO27001-certified for many years, we have developed tool-based and process-based methods to support our customers.


Identifying strengths and weaknesses : Our expertise lies in identifying your company's strengths and weaknesses, anticipating potential problems before they become major obstacles.

Regulatory compliance : In the face of constantly changing laws and regulations, our offer helps you to comply with current standards, thereby reducing legal risks and financial penalties.

Continuous improvement : Our audits are not limited to detecting problems. Our team can help you set up improvement processes to maximize your company's performance.

Save time and energy : By leaving the audit to the experts, you can concentrate on your core business.