The Move to Cloud Offer

Our definition of Move to Cloud

Move to Cloud, Go2Cloud and Cloud transformation are synonyms for the same process describing all the steps involved in a project to move to the Cloud and implement it, whether for an application, a product, an infrastructure or a group of them. For more than ten years, it has been the main lever used by companies to meet the challenges of digital transformation, accelerated Time To Market (TTM), agility, scalability and quality of service. The current maturity of HyperScalers, Private Cloud providers and NSEs finally allows them to keep the promises they have been hammering out for over 10 years: reduced infrastructure costs, technical debt management, and above all added value for the business.

Our Move to Cloud offer for SMEs

ScaleSquad has developed a complete framework to accompany its customers in all stages of a Cloud project. From the initial opportunity study, to technical studies (Assessment, Eligibility, R-factor Mapping), to the migration of environments into the target architecture and the opening of services.

This approach is organized in three phases: Opportunity study, technical study and migration whatever the target: private / public / hybrid / multicloud.

opportunity study

This study covers all cloud services activities allowing us to validate with the customer what are the drivers of their cloud strategy (why go to the cloud, what are the benefits of the cloud, which platform(s) to target, what pace, etc.). We detail the reasons, the acceptable timing and seek validation from the sponsors.

engineering study

This study covers all the activities from the IS inventory to the identification of each migration scenario for all the IS components (R-Factor mapping) and the identification of the expected measurable gains.

The detailed list of tasks is as follows: IS inventory, Flow mapping,
application mapping, interviewing product owners, technical eligibility and finally the possible opportunities in terms of financial gains, and the associated ROI.


This service covers all activities, from the definition of the target architecture to the migration of environments.

The detailed list of tasks in the roadmap is as follows: Definition of norms and standards, definition of policies, security study, operating model, creation of the software factory, deployment of the base, tooling, migration plan, migration and run handover.

Advantages of our MOVE TO CLOUD

Pragmatic, partnerships with most of the hyperscalers on the market, a team of consultants led by our CTO, fixed price commitments and the possibility of switching to Run within our Factory.

Introducing a Move to Cloud for the global leader in integrated payment solutions

The world leader in payment solutions, founded in 1980 and present in more than 170 countries, was looking for a partner to help them move to the public cloud, in a full IaaS approach for 800 VMs (lift & shift).
They were facing major issues of technical debt and hardware obsolescence, not to mention their major security challenges.
We determined that a co-construction approach of the solution was to be preferred, in agreement with the customer, to determine the target with a "Best of Breed" approach.
We mapped their IS and inter-application dependencies and designed the ideal cloud infrastructure.
We made a business case to validate the client's assumptions and modified their initial cloud migration strategy when it existed. We implemented the landing zone and the new approach: Software Factory and Replatforming.
Together we selected the Azure partner, and a hybrid setup: Governance and Design in France, Run and Build in India.
The project lasted a total of 9 months, distributed as follows:
4.5 months of target design: Landing Zone, Operating Model
4.5 months of implementation of the public cloud base via the establishment of a Software Factory.
This project was based on our mastery of several key technologies, including Terraform and numerous Azure services. The roadmap was respected and will allow us to build a solid Cloud structure in the long term.

Complete diagram of a Move to Cloud project