Who are we?

The Cloud is one of the major levers
of technological acceleration

Every day, small and medium-sized businesses face unprecedented challenges in the context of a necessary, rapid, continuous and cost-effective transformation. Every day, they must adapt their offerings, streamline their operations, increase their performance and make risky technological choices.

Success stories everywhere demonstrate its value, but a Cloud trajectory cannot be decreed.

Complex, this technology mobilizes rare and expert resources as well as a necessary alignment with the company's business lines. Cloud services are first and foremost solutions that enable the recovery of a digital legacy and the creation of new standards. They make IT infrastructures more secure, more connected and more intelligent.

ScaleSquad is one of the leaders in Go2Cloud.

As a cloud and service provider, we implement and manage customized solutions for mid-sized companies. Our ten years of experience have forged our convictions: the cloud is mature and fully integrated into transformation offers, it also offers greater flexibility and portability of applications and data, the cloud is hybrid (public, private, multicloud). 

Finally, we are convinced that without support for change, its adoption will be fragile.

At ScaleSquad our methodology leaves nothing to chance.

Our 360° vision of the business case (strategy, costs, risks, opportunities) and our immersion in the world of our customers allow us to build an optimal and global Go2Cloud trajectory. We create technological foundations that can be used directly by the business. Operations (Managed Services) are fully integrated into their organization. Finally, we make a contractual commitment to the financial and performance gains that our customers can expect, right from the business case phase.

ScaleSquad, with 250 employees in France and sales of €35 million by 2022, is a subsidiary of the Neurones Group.

Let's Go2Cloud?