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Business Case

A Business Case is a study, carried out upstream of a Cloud transformation project, which describes and justifies the merits of this project. It is aimed at the company's key decision-makers and is intended to convince them to launch the investment. It allows to evaluate the profitability of the future transformation, must clarify the added value and show the benefits.

Move to Cloud

Move to Cloud, Go2Cloud, Cloud transformation are synonyms of the same process describing all the steps of a project to move to the Cloud and implement it, whether for an application, a product, an infrastructure or a group of them. For more than ten years, this has been one of the challenges of the digital transformation of companies by responding to the problems of...


IT Automation is a set of processes and software allowing the industrialization of IT services and covering all or part of an information system. Its objective is to replace manual tasks, sources of errors and costs, but also to develop new consumption models.

Managed services

Managed Services is the contractual management of all or part of a company's IT resources within the framework of a multi-year, fixed-price contract managed by service levels. It is fundamentally different from technical assistance which concerns the supply of resources (people) for a limited period of time and with a commitment of means and not of results.


Find the right compromise between the budget and expenses allocated to cloud services on the one hand, and the performance and IT innovation sought in business terms on the other.