Customer Story : Arondor's AWS migration

Arondor has entrusted ScaleSquad to support them on AWS and the deployment in SaaS mode of its EDM tools. Arondor is a consulting company with expertise in document data management: https: //

Arondor has chosen the Cloud and AWS to offer its Flower EDM solution in SaaS mode. Flower is a document management tool that federates all exchange channels. Flower allows you to store, share, process, search and view documents and workflows from a single ergonomic interface.

Deploying on AWS has allowed Arondor to have scalability and flexibility in total correspondence with the SaaS model. The infrastructure adapts perfectly to the needs of each client and can support clients as they grow.

Thanks to AWS and the expertise of ScaleSquad, Arondor was able to deploy its Flower solution in a very short time and automate the deployment.

The security offered by AWS ensures the availability and confidentiality of client data.

In particular, we relied on AWS Cloudformation Infrastructure as Code services to automate deployments, AWS autoscaling mechanisms to provide clients with scalable and resilient infrastructure.