Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council

The Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council renews its confidence in Scalesquad for 6 years.

Already the holder of a managed services contract since 2016, Scalesquad won the tender for the next six years (including two optional years) last January.

In the continuity of the current market, it will operate the management of infrastructures, middlewares, databases, technical exploitation of the Department's applications, as well as the infrastructures of remote sites.

To ensure the proper execution of the operations, a specific system comprising some 40 experts is mobilized.

Scalesquad is positioned in the medium/long term to provide strategic and operational support to its client in its major challenges:

  • Its transformation through the progressive adoption of the Public Cloud,
  • The deployment of its THD (Very High Speed) infrastructure,
  • Hosting and outsourcing of environments containing health data,
  • The reinforced security of its information system.