ScaleSquad has just signed the contract for the GALEC tender - GROUPINGS OF PURCHASING CENTERS E.LECLERC!

Le Galec, E.Leclerc's central purchasing office, combines the talents of a team of more than 800 employees who work together to serve the omnichannel sales front of the brand, i.e. hyper/supermarkets, specialized stores, the drive, the E.Leclerc e-commerce site and E.Leclerc relay. Over this 5-year contract, ScaleSquad will take over responsibility for the N1/N2 management of the infrastructures, the technical operation of the applications, and will accompany Le Galec in the transformation of its information system.


Until now, Galec's IT production has relied on technical assistance teams. ScaleSquad will allow them, after the support phase, to work with a managed service center.

The professionalization of IS operations will enable GALEC to strengthen the quality of services provided to its users.

This will require the structuring of a CMDB (important when the IS weighs more than 1000 VMs), the deployment of supervision and automation mechanisms, and an extended service range.