Customer testimonial : Laboratoires Expanscience

Laboratoires Expanscience owns numerous commercial brands and has recurring needs to deploy websites, both institutional and event-related. In order to reduce costs, the question of redesigning these hostings arose in order to densify the architecture while maintaining good isolation between the different sites.

The ScaleSquad teams accompany us from the understanding of the possibilities offered by AWS services, to the design and construction of Cloud environments.

We have moved the vast majority of our websites to a Kubernetes platform on AWS, using their expertise both in the design and operation of the infrastructure and in the creation and management of docker images in direct contact with the digital agencies. This new platform, respecting the Well Architected Framework of AWS, allows us to reduce our costs while increasing the elasticity and performance of our sites.

These environments use various AWS tools and services: EKS, RDS, EFS, CloudFront, S3, ALB, etc.

ScaleSquad has also developed a serverless portal that allows us to autonomously manage image builds and deployments without requiring special knowledge of AWS and Kubernetes

F. Rucker - Systems and Networks Manager